PHOTOS Chris Brown paints graffiti self portrait in West Hollywood

Chris Brown spray paints a pig on a canvas

Chris Brown has made no attempts to hide his admiration for the art of graffiti, as evidenced by the title of his last album. But some may not know that in between recording music and punching women in the face Chris likes to get his fingers a little dirty sprayin’ some hues himself! The “Run It” and “Forever” singer was spotted outside a studio in West Hollywood yesterday releasing a few fluorocarbons on a large canvas mounted on an easel.

Chris Brown is a graffiti artist

The painting is of a rather portly cartoonish pig – an amazingly accurate depiction of how the world viewed Chris Brown just after it was revealed he had brutally abused girlfriend Rihanna in February of 2009. (If Chris decides to abandon music altogether to pursue his calling to be a visual artist perhaps he should consider changing his name to Porkasso.)

In this next photo you can really see the likeness:

Chris Brown paints a graffiti self portrait in West Hollywood January 25 2011

“I fell in love with art around the age of six. I always took pride in kind of winning the coloring contests in school,” the R&B singer told “Art was my only outlet. Aside from music, art is the thing that I like to escape. And I appreciate other artists who have that talent and that eye for detail and eye for their own imagination. Art is a part of my life and it influences me completely.”

You can check out some of Chris’s collaborations with Australian artist Kid Zoom at, including an arm holding a machete, both of which are dripping in bright red paint:

Chris Brown's bloody machete collaboration with Kid Zoom

Chris even uses graffiti throughout his home crib, or at least he did back in September of 2009 when he tweeted these photos:

Chris Brown's cars in his garage

Chris Brown has a statue of The Incredible Hulk in his garage

The pool room in Chris Brown's house

Photo of singer Chris Brown's closet in his house

So what do you think of Chris Brown’s other artistic abilities? Could he be the hip hop Banksy?

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