PHOTOS: Brooke Hogan remember her? Bikini bliss says you will now!

You know I was up last night just thinking to myself, “I wonder what reality TV star and daughter of the Hulkster Brooke Hogan is up to these days?”  Well I found out and I have to say she really is doing and looking fine.

Brooke was out on the beach in Miami last weekend to help teach inner city kids how to surf, undoubtedly an invaluable professional attribute that will assist these kids when they get back to their inner city, you know the places with nowhere to surf.  She teamed up with Street Surf for the charity event.  Here is the Hogan’s Knows Best and spin-off Brooke Knows Best star sporting a surf board oh and some teeny green shorts too.

According to those on hand for the event Brooke was having a blast with the kids and an all around great time playing around in the surf in Miami.  Hey isn’t that the plot of Brooke Knows Best?  Here is another one, this time Brooke is doing her best “10” impersonation (this reference will be lost on anyone near Brooke’s age, sorry).

Brooke released her debut album “Undiscovered” in 2006 and followed that up with her sophomore effort “The Redemption.”  Here’s a little Brook Hogan music to listen to while you browse our gallery:

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Photos: Flynet