PHOTOS And this is why you don’t park in front of fire hydrants

BMW window smashed out for 8 alarm fire

A BMW from Boston has some words of advice for you, “DO NOT park in front of fire hydrants!”

On Wednesday night an 8-alarm fire broke out across the street from where the vehicle you see in the foreground was parked. The Boston Fire Department did not think twice about busting out the luxury vehicle’s windows in order to stretch their hose in a direct line to the blaze.

It is vital that the hose be kept straight as possible in order to maintain maximum water pressure. In this instance, the most direct line between point A and point B was through the Beamer.

After this photo started spreading nearly as fast as that building fire, Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald told The Boston Globe:

“The general reaction is that some people find humor in it. But it’s really a serious situation. That water supply is the lifeblood of the engine company. The engine carries 750 gallons – and that could be gone in just two minutes. With that number of alarms, every hydrant is important.”


At one point a group of firefighters even encircled the car and lifted it up to move it over for better water flow.

The fire displaced about 30 people and as for the BMW… The driver was ticketed $100.

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