PHOTOS Adele muse Slinky Sunbeam flashes Peaches Geldoff


First, let’s all take a moment to admire this post’s title shall we? Sometimes I am humbled by my job and the wonderfully immaculate juxtapositions created by those among the human race we deem celebrities.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Check out these photos of Adele’s reported* romantic inspiration Slinky Sunbeam flashing his ode-inducing dinky at Peaches Geldoff with his band name “The More Assured” painted on his chest repeatedly.

Peaches should have jumped on that! She could have had it allllllllllllallllalllll… It’s hard to believe this attention-starved sexhibitionist is the inspiration for “Rolling In The Deep.” I’m thinking a song titled “Trolling In The Deep” might be more fitting! (Actually, the old standard “Sitting On Top Of The World” already had the almost fitting line, “Don’t like my peaches? Don’t shake my tree!”) *UPDATE: Thanks to an avid Adele fan on Twitter, we have a denial from Adele back in 2008, when The Sun reported Adele had dated Slinky Sunbeam. Could both of these rumors of Slinky’s connection to Adele be fueled by Slinky’s PR team in a desperate plea for relevance? Good Morning America also reported that Slinky was the flame that inspired 21, but there’s been no confirmation from Adele’s camp. Even if it’s true, these reports still seem like unabashed self-promotion on his part to launch his underground art music while Adele’s taking mainstream music by storm with music good enough to remain in the classic canon forever.

She posted the below to her blog April 4, 2008:

People Keep Saying
i am/was/ seeing slinky sunbeam! im not and never have done. whoever this “source” is, theyre talking out their arse. he aint my type!thanks for your kind messages to comfort me being dumped by slinky…

(You can click here for the Full Slinky Monty completely NOT SFW photos posted a while back – perhaps when Adele still a smitten kitten.)

But Peaches and Adele weren’t the only ones subjected to Slinky’s “Chasing Pavement” marketing strategy. He also pitched his wares to none other than Kate and Pippa Middleton, although it wasn’t his Slinky dinky this time but a painted canvas instead:

I have to confess that Adele’s powerfully emotional seem slightly less so now that we’ve met the inspiration behind them. Amazingly, Slinky is even worse than Lady Gaga’s burrito making, beer chugging umlauted heavy metal muse Lüc Carl. But not quite as bad as this guy.

I think I finally understand that Vaselines song covered by Nirvana on their MTV Unplugged appearance…

Slinky Sunbeam flashes Peaches Geldoff photos: Charlie Pycroft / WENN
Slinky Sunbeam and Pippa Middleton photos: R Lawrence/ WENN

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