PHOTO O’ The Day: Cee Lo Green pool party chillaxing in Vegas

Cee Lo Green relaxes poolside in Vegas

Sometimes us bloggers get stumped and this is one of those moments. I mean how I am supposed to write any words that could somehow explain the awesome coolness of the above photo? You’ve got my number one man crush Cee Lo Green in a glass lined pool in Vegas chillaxin’ like the dude knows he had the best single from last year (he did and if you ain’t down F’ you) and is sitting on top of the world.

The only thing I can think of to do is go Colbert and make up a word like “truthiness.” So here’s what I came up with to caption Cee Lo’s pool dippin’ dopeness:


That is all I got and that is what that photo is man, it is unceelievably sweet.

Green was doing what he calls work in the photo by making an appearance at the Bacardi ‘Like It Live It Together’ event at Marquee Nightclub that featured an earlier performance by the man himself at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino.

Here’s a parting shot of Xbox Cee Lo with the ladies makin’ the bubbles bounce:

Cee Lo is unceelievable

Now ain’t that some sh!t!?!

Photos: Judy Eddy/