PHOTO Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro in ‘bloody encounter’ in Las Vegas

Ronnie Magro fight Las Vegas

The cast of Jersey Shore recently reunited for an entertaining chicken parm family dinner at Burger King, with Ronnie Magro being the only cast member (Angelina Pavarnick doesn’t count) not present for the Shoreunion. His absence had many people wondering “Where is Ronnie Magro?”

The answer to that question is apparently Las Vegas, where he was photographed recently with a woman leaving a casino — Ronnie with his left hand wrapped, and both of them with blood all over them!

TMZ spoke with the person who snapped the picture and is told that it was taken at approximately 1:15 AM, just after Ronnie and his gal pal exited a restroom at The Venetian hotel and casino. “He says Ronnie was soaked in blood with a plastic bag wrapped around his left hand,” the site reports.

The woman seems to have blood on her as well, but the witness says she appeared uninjured and that he did not think the fight was between the couple. “We’re told security was flanking Ronnie and escorted him to an exit,” says TMZ “It’s unclear if security was trying to protect him or throw him out of the hotel.”

Ronnie’s rep was contacted, but has yet to respond.

This is pure speculation, but this sounds like an old school Jersey Shore altercation. I’m guessing someone either said something or did something derogatory towards Ronnie’s gal pal and things escalated. Either that, or perhaps someone recognized Ronnie from Jersey Shore and started teasing him? I assume we will hear something official from Ronnie soon, so stay tuned!


A rep for Ronnie says he was at Tao when a fight broke out. He wasn’t involved, but it got outta control … and he was attempting to cover his gf when someone threw a bottle or glass. We’re told it shattered on Ronnie’s hand, and that’s the reason for all the blood … on both of them.

The red shopping bag was, apparently, the best he could do to stop the bleeding.

Meanwhile, Deena Cortese recently addressed why Ronnie wasn’t there for the Burger King chicken parm dinner Shoreunion. “I believe he was in L.A., so I’m not sure what he was doing,” Deena Cortese told Us Weekly. “Right now we’re in a group chat with me, Pauly, Vinny, Mike, Nicole, Jenni and Sam. Ronnie’s actually not in it right now, in the group chat, but we’re all talking about it and we’re all trying to figure out ways to make it happen.”

But don’t think the crew is going to leave their Guido bro hanging! Deena says Ronnie will likely be asked to join any sort of official Jersey Shore reunion. “I’m sure he’d be willing to sign on,” Deena adds, before revealing that she cut Ronnie off after her father died and he ne didn’t reach out to her. “We just all haven’t spoken to him. I think Vinny’s the only one that really talks to him.”

Oh man — sounds like their is some serious potential reunion drama already!

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