PHOTO Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson before the beard… and with a mullet?!?

Willie Wobertson before the beard with a mullet while a student at LSU

We here at starcasm love us a good Duck Dynasty “before the beards” photo, and we here at starcasm love us a good mullet photo, but never did we ever expect the twain to meet! Check out the above photo of Willie Robertson sporting a hair cape while he was a student at LSU!

Who would have ever guessed that his party in the back would spread to the front! This picture has me thinking Willie could star in his own feature-length comedy called Joe Dirt Dynasty 🙂

It’s an internet tradition to come up with a name for each and every new mullet you see, so what do you think this one should be called? My suggestion is “the ducktail.”

Want to see more baby-faced clean-shaven young Willie Robertson? Check out some more photos here (including Willie and future wife Korie Robertson’s prom photo!) and see Air Willie posing in his high school basketball uniform here!

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