PHOTO “Disabled Person” Ryan O’Neal goes on a date with a blond mystery woman

Mystery woman and Ryan O'Neal

William Shatner’s long lost douchey twin Ryan O’Neal continued his luck with the ladies and took an unknown blond out for a date in Brentwood Tuesday night, eating dinner at Palmeri S.P.A. Ristorante.

Going on dates with anonymous women is nothing new for O’Neal, who started back to his cavorting ways immediately after the passing of his long-time partner Farrah Fawcett – including unknowingly hitting on his own daughter Tatum at Farrah’s funeral. What caught my attention in these photographs is the fact that Ryan O’Neal’s Mercedes has a disabled person parking placard. Is he disabled? Is it possible he’s using a placard issued to Farrah? I wouldn’t usually suggest something like that, but Ryan is notorious for doing sleazy, douchey things and this seems right up his alley. (Farrah did leave him completely out of her will after all.)

Ryan O'Neal and his blond mystery date in Brentwood

Are there any web sleuths out there that can check this out via the California DMV? I think the number on the placard is 614216 and there might be an additional number after a large space. I believe it’s a 6. Maybe I’ll email TMZ – this is right up their alley! Here’s a full-sized zoom on the placard:

Ryan O'Neal is disabled?

Just so I don’t get in any trouble – I don’t know whose disabled person parking placard that is in Ryan O’Neal’s car and it could very well be his – he has had a number of health issues. If so, his disability doesn’t seem to prevent him from tossing frisbees on the beach.