Samantha Burke sells first pics of Jude Law’s baby, Sophia, to Hello! magazine for $300,000

Samantha Burke first pictures of Jude Law's baby, Sophia Hello

Ever since Samantha Burke “accidentally” got pregnant with Jude Law’s baby after a week-long fling in New York, she’s been workin’ the situation like a hustla, and now her diligent work has paid off in with a $300,000 exclusive to Hello! magazine. (via PopEater)

Samantha Burke got busy romancing the media since the story broke that Jude Law was expecting a child from a mystery woman. Law didn’t want to ever speak of the matter again, but Samantha wasn’t gonna let this superstar get away with being just a sperm donor. First the model/Hooter’s waitress posted some sexy pics of her baby bump online (for free!), and towards the end of her third trimester she started shopping for bids on baby Sophia’s first pic. After baby Sophia was born, and Jude Law suddenly demanded a DNA test, Samantha kept her cash cow’s face hidden the very few times she brought her out.

Of course,  DNA test came back positive, and now Samantha’s bank account has a nice, fat cushion. No more Hooters for her! That $300,000 wasn’t for nothing, though, Hello! put Samantha and Sophia to work to snap enough pictures for a 14-page spread! If you want to see pics of Jude Law’s baby in a million poses, you’ll have to pick up your copy of Hello! magazine.

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