PHOTO Cee Lo Green is shirtless (and buff?!?) as Jet magazine’s “Beauty of the Week”

Cee Lo Green with no shirt as Jet magazine's Beauty of the Week

The Voice judge Cee Lo Green looks more like porn star Cee Mo Peen in the new issue of Jet magazine, which features the surprisingly unportly “Crazy” and “F*** You” singer shirtless and Chippendales-worthy as their “Beauty of the Week.”

Oh wait. What’s that fine print in the upper left corner?

“Yes, your mind is playing tricks on you. Cee Lo’s brawny build is courtesy of photographer Derek Blanks.”

D’awwww! (f this were a woman there would be outrage, but since it’s a guy it’s just downright funny!)

In his interview Cee Lo reveals that he had always wanted to be featured as the magazine’s infamous “Beauty of the Week” so the magazine, with a little help from Blanks and Photoshop, made that dream a reality.

Here’s an actual photo of Cee Lo Green shirtless shared by Questlove of The Roots on MySpace:

Topless Cee Log Green with Questlove of The Roots

Questlove’s caption? “”next roots show shirtless?….Naw Lo, i think YOU crazy!!!!!!!!”

Top photo: Jet / Derek Blanks