Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman Gets Her Own Wikipedia!


It’s becoming clear that octuplet
mother Nadya Suleman lives in a
slightly different reality than the
rest of us, so starcasm has started
construction of a little niche of the
interwebs to address the discrepancy
in perception. Modeled after the
popular site Wikipedia, Wikinadya
aspires to be a comprehensive
reference for all Angelina Jolie-
obsessed, in vitro fertilized mothers
of 14 out there.

For example, check out the difference
between entries for this image:

Wikinadya explains how Nadya Suleman sees an everyday rake

Some other Wikinadya entries:

Station wagon for Nadya Suleman

Imaginary creatures according to Nadya Suleman and Wikinadya

What a uterus looks like to Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman

Wikinadya will also soon feature a chatroom called Nadyadda yadda yadda where mothers of 14 can get together and talk about Angelina’s most recent movie, Angelina’s kids, Brad Pitt, what Angelina wore last night and not getting collagen injections. We’ll keep you updated.

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