North Carolina Dad upgrades daughter’s laptop . . . with his gun

Tommy Jordan Hannah Jordan Facebook Dad Shot Gun Laptop

When Tommy Jordan decided to upload silly photos to his dog’s Facebook page, he found a letter from his daughter that got his attention. It seems his daughter, Hannah, in a fit of adolescent petulance decided to upload an open letter to her parents to Facebook. But, she didn’t really want it to be open, so she set up the letter so that no one in her family could see it on her Facebook page. There were two problems with this plan: (1) She forgot to include the dog’s Facebook page in her “family,” and (2) she didn’t realize her dad was a badass.

So, Mr. Jordan, who apparently has a career in IT and who had spent several hours and $130 dollars the day before working on setting up Hannah’s laptop just the way she liked it, decided that he was going to reconfigure her laptop just the way he wanted it . . . with his gun.

This video goes out to every parent of a mouthy adolescent girl who, despite what they might be willing to admit in polite company, know they love this man.

There’s been quite a lot of controversy about Jordan’s approach to parenting since this video started going viral a couple days ago. Folks seemed to think that shooting a child’s laptop was an over-reaction. (I say those people don’t have teenagers!) Others were worried that Tony’s video might scar Hannah emotionally. So he decided to respond online. CLICK HERE to see his response to all the criticism and his explanation for why you won’t be seeing any of the Jordans on TV, despite the dozens of invitations they’ve received to do interviews and make appearances on various shows.

Tommy Jordan Hannah Jordan Father shooting laptop gun

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