Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban’s Baby Photo On Oprah

Nicole Kidman appeared on Oprah Monday to promote her new movie “Australia,” or as we call it, “Far and Away Down Under.” Nobody’s talking about Nicole talking about “F&ADU” though, they’re all talking about the adorable photo Nicole shared of her and husband Keith Billy Ray Jovi’s little baby girl. When Oprah asked about the baby’s name (Sunday) Kidman explained that it was her and Urban’s favorite day of the week.

Here are the odds we’re giving on the name of the next Keithole offspring:

3:1     Saturday
8:1     Pugsly
17:1   Friday
42:1   Triple Venti Soy Skinny Caramel Macchiato
478,637,099:1  Tom

Starcasm didn’t have its Conanator 2000 up and running in time to show our readers in advance what the little tike would look like, so we thought we would use this opportunity to calibrate the machine, make sure it’s still working accurately. In case you don’t know how the Conanator 2000 works, the process is really quite simple. It uses an image of each parent and generates a prediction of what the child will look like. OK, here goes…

First, we take the lovely Nicole Kidman:

Nicole Kidman

And then we add Keith Urban:

Keith Urban

And then we wait.

Nicole Kidman baby photo Oprah Sunday

Not bad! We should adjust the spell-check, but otherwise dead on!
A beautiful, sweet looking baby.

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