New Michael Moore Documentary On The Economy Gets Release Date

****UPDATE 7/9/09 – M&M has released a title for his bad economy flick: Capitalism: A Love Story

Overture Films and Paramount Vantage have announced a release date for Michael Moore’s latest project, which is an as-yet-untitled look at the global economic meltdown. The Michael Moorson Welles joint will hit theaters October 2 of this year.

Michael Moore tackles the economy

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t think too highly of Michael Moore. He is the left’s equivalent of Rush Limbaugh who makes political propaganda films posing as some sort of underdog everyman. (Which worked well the first time, with Roger and Me, but has since been a distasteful epic fail)

The worst part is that these topics deserve in-depth documentaries (What
is at the heart of violent crime in our society? What can we do about healthcare?) similar to Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, but all we get is a chubby pitiful Borat interviewing Charlton Heston and Dick Clark. And to
top it off, he gets an Oscar for that crap?! Give me a break.

Bleh – you can read more of my thoughts on Michael Mooer [ed] here.

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