Michael Moore’s Latest Movie Changes Focus To Economy

Michael MooreFilmmaker Michael Moore is reportedly shifting gears in the production of his next movie, which was initially going to be a US foreign policy oriented follow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11, but will now be aimed at the current economic situation and be more in line with Moore’s first movie Roger and Me.

Ridiculous. A two hour political commercial about how George W. Bush hates poor people and planned the whole economic collapse with his buddies Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden and an elderly Adolph Hitler. With Charlton Heston’s passing, we can expect a hard hitting, condescending discussion about the current economic crisis with Stephen Baldwin. Big hearted Moore will then march a poor Mississippi family that lost their home to foreclosure into the headquarters of Bank of America and ask that they be able to stay there until they find somewhere else to live. And of course we will have to watch this overweight Academy Award winning paparazzo try to “punk” Sarah Palin into an interview and then look all frowny faced and dejected when she refuses. Ugh.

Hurry up Barack! You are going to be a hard person to hate publicly and it’s been a long time since our country has had that going for it! Which isn’t to say Bush hasn’t been a really bad president – I think he has – but it’s just not good for our psyche to be constantly bombarded with smarmy criticism of our leadership. I’m not opposed to humor at the President’s expense, it’s only when that humor turns into smug, better-than-thou condescension in the guise of Truth, and is revered as insightful art, that my stomach starts to turn. Dubya jokes are funny. Monica Lewinsky jokes were funny. “Not gon doot!” was funny. Bowling for Columbine winning the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature is cause for concern.

Is there ANY way the government could shell out whatever it would cost to allow Al Gore to make this movie instead? Or even Ken Burns? Hell, we would probably get more accurate and usable information from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Wall Street than another schlockumentary Michael Mooreson Welles joint.

The rest of this post is a rant on Michael Moore. I suppose in the spirit of bipartisanship we should also write one about Rush Limbaugh, but I think we’ll wait until the premiere of his two hour radio special Oh Nobama: The Beginning of the End, which should hit airwaves some time this winter.

Michael Moore movies are pornography for the liberal mind, which is fine for what they are, but don’t try to tell me Nailin’ Palin is Citizen Kane! I optimistically went into Bowling for Columbine hoping to learn a little bit about the issue of gun violence in America. I think that movie actually made me dumber for having watched it! (Props to a certain resident of Man-Gri-La for that quote) Moore provides constant comparisons to Canada but not to Mexico, which has a fire arm murder rate more than twice that of the US? And in comparing Canada and the US, he dismisses race as an issue because he ran into an African American guy from Detroit across the bridge in Windsor? And then he talks with a caricature Hollywood spokesman about gun control in a “Punked” interview? And then he marches two kids shot in the Columbine attack into K-Mart headquarters to ask for a refund on the bullets still lodged in their bodies? This is a sexy topic with big bouncy breasts and a director with a very large agenda putting it to her. (I have to admit that the the South Park creators and – gulp! – Marilyn Manson had insightful things to say)

If you’re feeling defensive about what I’m saying then just imagine for a moment Rush Limbaugh tricking Alec Baldwin or Lindsay Lohan into a “serious” interview about gay marriage. And then imagine him marching a Hawaiian kid, who was shot when his family was car-jacked at gunpoint because his dad couldn’t get a concealed weapon permit to protect himself, into the White House. Please, please, please Americans, do not award this kind of crap or tell yourself it’s educating in any way. Our economic situation, health care, and gun control and gun violence are serious issues and they need to be dealt with in a serious way, without smug preconceptions, Jerry Springer stunts or statistical molestation.

Our name is starcasm.net and we approve this post.

– Don’t think we’re too full of ourselves. We realize our purpose is to write snarkily about Britney Spears and draw funny pictures of fake movies starring Sarah Palin. 🙂

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