Nataly Dawn: The girl singing in the Hyundai holiday commercials

Nataly Dawn of "Pomplamoose"

If you’re like me something about the girl singing in the frequently aired Hyundai holiday videos has caught your eyes and ears. The means by which she delivers her vocals are unique and addictive and the same can be said of her looks. So who is this authentically fine young woman? Well her name is Nataly Dawn and I’ve rounded up quite a bit of photographic and video evidence that supports the initial indication that she is wonderful and hot!

Now I have to address the dude who merrily prances around Nataly in the commercial. I’m sorry to break it to all you hopeful guys out there but that is Mr. Jack Conte who from the best I can tell is Nataly’s main squeeze. Together the two form the very popular band and YouTube sensation Pomplamoose. The duo from Corte Madera, California have been featured on the front page of the video upload site and have almost 5 million views and over 200,000 subscribers.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, on with a full scale assault of Nataly Dawn action!

Nataly Dawn of "Pomplamoose"

First up is the clip in question that had me wondering who Nataly was in the first place.  It’s the commercial for Hyundai featuring the song “Deck the Halls:”

The clip actually follows the viral off center low budget videos previously posted by Pomplamoose. The band is also featured in two additional Hyundai holiday clips for “Jingle Bells” and “Up On the Housetop.”

Next up is an example of a YouTube original posted by Pomplamoose, it’s a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and it is, like Miss Dawn, fantastic:

And one more Pomplamoose cover for good measure. This time they provide their quirky take on Lady Gaga’s “Telephone:”

Nataly has a channel of her own so for our final video clip lets check out an original solo of hers called “Dying to Live.” Following this video will be a photo gallery that actually would be better called a screen capture gallery, but either way it’s a bunch of Nataly Dawn which is great no matter how you label it:

And here’s the gallery. Feel free to click on any of the thumbnails to see the full screen image:

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Want to REALLY show your support for Nataly, Jack and Pomplamoose? Then head over to and pick up some of these: