MUG SHOT PHOTO Miss New Hampshire USA 2010 Nicole Houde arrested for attacking boyfriend

2010 Miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde mugshot photo

We here at starcasm are suckers for beauty pageant queen mug shot photos (mug shottenfreude?), and the newest addition to our ever-growing collection is 2010 Miss New Hampshire USA Nicole Houde, who was arrested last week for allegedly punching, kicking, scratching and biting her boyfriend Scott Nickerson after a dispute over allegations she had cheated on him. (Pageant Nazi would say, “No Miss Congeniality for you!”)

Nicole Houde portraitAccording to Manchester police Lt. Michael Hurley, the alleged simple assault occurred after Nickerson, 33, took the cell phone belonging to Houde, 26, and wouldn’t return it. I’m usually opposed to justifying any form of violence when not in self defense, but I think if you take a 26-year-old woman’s cell phone you pretty much deserve the inevitable – much the same as taking a salmon from a grizzly bear. (Isn’t having a cell phone in the Bill of Rights somewhere?)

Houde was arrested later while at work and charged with simple assault.

Nicole Houde 2010 Miss USA pageant photo as Miss New Hampshire

Since competing in the Miss USA pageant in 2010 (above), Nicole Houde has gone on to start her own “Be Gorgeous” website, for which she serves as a certified personal trainer, make-up artist, and pageant trainer. Here’s her “about me” from the site with a couple non-mug shot photos for comparison:

I am proudly the former Miss New Hampshire USA 2010, Nicole Houde! I had the best year of my life during my reign and I learned so much throughout my amazing experience! I competed in the national competition for Miss USA 2010, which I was in Vegas for two weeks for attending various events, making appearances, being trained on how to walk and pose, doing rehearsals, and much more. While there I was lucky enough to have my make-up done multiple times by the official make-up artists of Miss USA 2010, where I really learned a lot of great tricks and tips. Also, as one of my prizes from Miss NH USA I won free make-up lessons from celebrity make-up artist, Debra Macki, who does amazing work! I also did a make-up training course through Motives where I got ceritified as a Motives Senior Consultant. But for me make-up has always been something I was really good at and absolutely loved doing. I have always enjoyed trying new looks, colors and doing my friends and family’s make-up all of the time for special occasions.

Nicole Houde as Miss New Hampshire USA 2010Nicole Houde workout

I have always been into working out, being active and staying in shape but it wasn’t until I decided to try out for Miss NH USA 2010 that I really dedicated myself to working out a lot. One of the main reasons I wanted to try out was to motivate myself to get into better shape and to help better myself overall. So I started working out really hard all on my own and I just tried my best to transform my body into what ended up being a winning body according to the judges of Miss NH USA 2010! After winning that, which was a huge shock to me and such an honor, I had to prepare for the national competition, Miss USA 2010! So I got a personal trainer that helped me for about 4 months to get into tip-top shape for the biggest competition I would ever be in! I worked out really hard and ate almost perfect, still cheating here and there, and got myself into the shape that I thought they were looking for and that I wanted to be in, which wasn’t super skiny but just fit, having muscle, being lean and toned. Unfortunately, I didn’t place in the competition but I was more than happy for myself for all the hard work I put into it and with my overall body physically and mentally. The entire competition really taught me a lot and definitely helped me to become the person I am today and has continued to keep me motivated to better myself and help those around me as well!

So after all that I realized you know what, I learned so much from my experience and I enjoyed doing everything that I did so why not expand that into my career and do what I love?! So I got my make-up artist certification, I got my personal training certification, and I decided to take on pageant training as well since I learned so much throughout my year long journey as Miss NH USA 2010! Now I look forward to helping others better themselves and reach for their goals because a lot of times life gets in the way, we get distracted and just need a little extra boost and help to get things on the right track.

Photos (except mug shot and full-length pageant pic):