MTV’s The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines cast and trailer revealed

The Challenge Bloodlines

Details from season 27 of MTV’s The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines have finally been revealed. MTV released the official cast list as well as the trailer for the upcoming season.

Here’s the rundown straight from MTV:

“Battle of the Bloodlines” — the 27th (!) installment of the long-running game show — features 14 teams comprised of familiar faces (from “Real World” and “Are You the One?”, to name a few) and their relatives vying for a grand (and lucrative prize) of $350,000. And if these latest recruits want to ensure that their clan name is preserved — and future milestone events go smoothly in front of their loved ones — they might want to play nice. But if we’ve learned one thing through the years, anything is possible because all is fair in love, war and “Challenges” (right, Johnny Bananas?)

Check out the cast:

Nicole and Nany- cousins
Nany and Nicole

Shane and Tony- brothers

Tony and Shane

Thomas and Stephen- brothers
Thomas and Stephen

Candice and Leroy- cousins
Leroy and Candice

Anthony and KellyAnne- cousins
KellyAnne and Anthony

Jenna and Brianna- cousins
Jenna and Brianna

Dario and Raphy- brothers
Dario and Raphy

Cory and Mitch- cousins
Cory and Mitch

Cohutta and Jill- cousins
Cohutta and Jill

Christina and Emily- sisters
Christina and Emily

Jamie and Cara Maria- cousins
Cara Maria and Jamie

Camila and Larissa- sisters
Camila and Larissa

Vince and Johnny Bananas- cousins
Bananas and Vince

Aneesa and Rianna- cousins
Aneesa and Rianna

One big surprise is the return of C.T. Even though he wasn’t listed as one of the official cast members, he makes an appearance in the trailer when he walks in with, none other than, Diem’s sister.

Another surprise that pops up in the trailer is Zach Nichols. Just like C.T., Zach isn’t listed within the cast, but you can clearly see him and Jenna together. Also, Abram is shown in the clip having an argument with Cara Maria but again, isn’t part of the named cast. What’s up with that?

Be sure to catch the premiere of The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines on Wednesday, December 2 at 10/9c on MTV.