Mischa Barton would ‘probably not’ do The O.C. again

Mischa Barton - E-Cig

Former teen star/current e-cig model Mischa Barton admits her career hasn’t gone as planned.

“People say be grateful for what you have but it certainly not the kind of thing I was expecting it to be,” the told Metro. “I’ve kind of seen it all.”

Following her successful run on The O.C., Mischa, now 28, had a well-publicized breakdown in 2009. Speaking about it last year, Mischa explained “it was a full-on breakdown” caused by the “enormous pressure” in her life.

She added to Metro this month, “It’s really tough when you are young in this business. People blow a lot of hot air at you. That’s the main thing. Keep your head on your shoulders – even when you think your head is on your shoulders, sometimes it isn’t.”

Besides shunning advice to be grateful for everything, Mischa also admitted she has regrets about the roles she took — especially that of Marissa Cooper in the show that really made her famous.

“It’s something I came so close to not doing. I had a really great thing with film,” she said, adding she would “probably not” do it again.

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