Michael Scott to leave ‘The Office’ after one more year?

The folks over at Office Tally noticed with their diligent ears a heartbreaking little statement from Steve Carell during an interview with BBCRadio:  he probably won’t stay on The Office after he contract runs through next season!

Without Mike Scott, there is no office. Unless, of course, Ricky Gervais shows up as David Brent to replace him. That would be the only acceptable reason to drag out The Office sans Carell / Scott.

Maybe this is just a bargaining ploy by Carell for more $$, and hopefully so. The Office has at times spun almost out of control with plot lines, but never quite jumped the shark. It would be a shame to see ridiculously endearing show completely spiral out of control, but it would also be sad to see it vanish while it still has joy to bring just because Carell’s contract is up.

Carell has had a really great run in the movies, but they’ve all been just tweaked versions of his signature character, the one he knows inside and out: Michael Scott. It will be hard to shake off the ghost of Scott, if not impossible as Carell’s every quirky mannerism screams of the clueless and childish yet strangely effective boss.

If the series does end after Season 7 airs next year, there’s always hope for a movie . . . An Office fan can only dream.

You can hear the words escape from his mouth over at Office Tally.