Xtina set to drop new video for ‘Not Myself Tonight’ April 30th

Leather catsuit, check.  On all fours, check.  Tongue out ready to lick, check.  Looks to me like Christina Aguilera IS ready to roll out the debut video from her upcoming album “Bionic”.  The video will be for the debut single titled “Not Myself Tonight”.  Well I guess not with THAT get up on sister! 

RCA records is ramping up the pub on “Bionic” big time providing a steady dose of teasers in the form of audio, video and as you have already seen photos.  Here is a little teaser video of the music video that will debut April 30th. This missile is only 11 seconds so get that clicker ready to pause.

“Bionic” will be the first album from our dirty little genie in a bottle in over four years. The little powerhouse with a legendary vocal range appears to be on top of her game. In an review in Billboard Michael Menachem states:

“In the four years since Christina Aguilera released her last studio album, “Back to Basics,” pop ingénues like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha have built their careers on bold theatrics, neo-feminist personas and throbbing club beats. Aguilera brings all of that to the table on “Not Myself Tonight,” her lead single from the upcoming “Bionic,” but ups the stakes considerably with her trademark, octave-straddling runs and glory notes. Aguilera channels a more Euro-glamorous version of her former “dirrty” alter-ego Xtina on “Tonight,” dashing lyrics about self-reinvention with breathy chants and naughty expletives. Producer Polow Da Don, who co-wrote “Tonight” with “Drop It Low” singer/songwriter Ester Dean, adds dripping synths, pulsing basslines and tribal house drums that sound appealingly unfinished. Paired with Aguilera’s unmatched vocal range, “Tonight” proves that the current dance-pop craze would be incomplete without her.”

But hey don’t just take his word for it you can take a listen yourself right here (heads up Xtina does get a little dirty with the lyrics).

Christina Aguilera

Not Myself Tonight

So what do you think of Christina’s new look and sound?  She definitely is hopping on the Lady GaGa train but hey she’s been around and certainly has the stuff to pull it off.  Not only is Christina bringing us “Bionic” but she has just wrapped up her feature film debut entitled “Burlesque” set for release around Thanksgiving.  Xtina has been busy and soon her fans will get to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

One more parting shot from the set of the music video “Not Myself Tonight”:

Photos: RCA Records