Melissa Gorga’s rep sets the record straight about mortgage

Melissa Gorga was the target of recent rumors regarding her and husband Joe Gorga’s financial state. The couple is selling their Toms River home for $520,000, however, it was reported that they owe $2.25 million after refinancing the property. There is some truth to the rumor but Melissa and Joe’s rep is setting the rest straight.

“The Gorgas are not in financial trouble,” the Gorgas’ rep told Us Weekly. “The documents in question represent the construction loan that the Gorgas took to build their main home, which used their shore house as collateral. Once the Gorgas secured a permanent mortgage, which is a matter of public record, that construction loan was null and void. The bank is currently correcting the paperwork.” There you have it! What was thought to be a huge debt, was simply a typographical error.

The main home that the Gorga’s rep is referring to is their Montville Township estate, which fans have seen on Real Housewives of New Jersey. The massive home is also on the market for a whopping $3.8 million! Although it has been assumed that they are selling their homes in an attempt to get out of debt, the couple is simply relocating back to Franklin Lakes which is where their families are. Plus, once they move, they will be closer to Joe’s work.

Melissa previously said that her and Joe are actively looking for a new home but have not yet found anything. Her husband Joe is a developer and will surely make whatever home they buy into a beautiful home.

UPDATE: On the reunion special Melissa says they’re moving to get their kids away from Joe and Teresa Giudice’s children.

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