Marathon Momma: Nine-month pregnant Amber Miller ran a marathon, then gave brith

Let’s face it; most of us think jogging around the block an accomplishment, but Amber Miller likes to run marathons, pregnant . . . . nine months pregnant!

At 39 weeks (9.75 months, if you’re counting,) Amber got the okay from her doctor to embark on the Chicago Marathon (26.2 miles) as long as she walked part of it. She says she “randomly” felt contractions sometime into the 6 hours, 25 minutes and 50 second trek, but soldiered on. She’d been running throughout her pregnancy, and even completed a marathon when she was four months along with baby June. She also ran a marathon when she was four months pregnant with her 19-month-old son Caleb, and was used to feeling an occasional contractions while running pregnant. But it was clear after she finished the race that Amber was in real labor this time.

Waited an hour to make sure, and then had a sandwich before she headed to the hospital to give birth.

Baby June was born 10:29 p.m. at seven pounds, 13 ounces after seven hours of labor, which Miller deemed worse than the marathon. “The race was definitely easier than labor,” she noted, sending shivers of dread through any woman who’s never had a baby.

BTW, her husband was also participating in the marathon, but fell behind his laboring wife.

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