Why was Love Majewski fired from Mob Wives?

Mob Wives cast member Love Majewski

If you watched last night’s season finale of Mob Wives, you might not be upset surprised by this news: Love Majewski was fired from the show.

Love took to Twitter to explain that VH1 didn’t fire her; rather, it was the show’s production company that let her go: “I appreciate everyone’s support but please don’t blame @VH1 they did NOT fire me,I enjoyed working with @vh1,I was let go by left/right [productions].”

To add insult to injury, the controversial reality TV star was not invited to the Mob Wives season three reunion show.

Although Love only mentioned Left/Right Productions in her aforementioned tweet, she also seems to blame producer Jenn Graziano, who is cast member Renee Graziano’s sister, and heads Just Jenn Productions. Love retweeted one fan’s tweet that read: “@EdScarpo Cuz @jenngraziano of JustJennProd & Left/Right Prod Fired her! Not @VH1 Jenn Used @LoveMajewski &StabbedHerBack! NoReUnion Either!”

It seems the bad blood between Jenn and Love has spoiled Love’s relationship with Renee as well. Renee tweeted, “Look People I wld LOVE 2 b the 1 HIRING n FIRING but I’m NOT the BOSS so there’s NOTHING I can do 2 get LOVE back ~”

In response, Love retweeted one fan’s tweet that read, “@reneegraziano @LoveMajewski Hmm…but I’mSure u did a lot to get Rid of her! Jealousy is Ugly& Eating u Alive. So Sad Cuz She Had ur Back!”

Mob Wives 1

On last night’s episode of Mob Wives, Karen Gravano facilitated a “sit-down” between Love and Carla Facciolo at Drita D’Avanzo’s 80’s party. The drama between Love and Carla had been brewing all season, and Love, who has  admitted on the show to “shooting and stabbing people,” was raring to go and wanted to confront Carla. Love agreed to sit down during the conversation but as soon as Carla started to say something, and put her finger in Love’s face, Love grabbed Carla’s hair, and a humongous fight ensued.

So about Love being fired… maybe the producers thought she was too much of a liability?

After the episode aired, Love took to Twitter, giving her opinion of the fight: “This was the most horrible thing ever Thank You for being there for me n understanding how I was set up& used. #embarassing.”

If you can stomach it, here’s the video of the fight from last night’s episode:

If you’re a fan of Love, this might be a comforting thought: perhaps she is being clear that VH1 was not responsible for firing her because she’s angling for her own spin-off!

Photos: VH1

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