PHOTOS VIDEO Love Majewski cast for Mob Wives

Mob Wives cast member Love Majewski

VH1 is ready to ring in the New Year with our favorite ladies of the underworld from Mob Wives. To spice things up they decided to add two new featured cast members and one of the names has been released, Love Majewski.

Majewski is no stranger to reality TV as she was featured in the I.D. channels’ I Married a Mobster. Actually you might be familiar with part of Love’s story without even knowing it. It turns out that Angelina Jolie’s role in the film Gone in Sixty Seconds was based loosely off of her teenage years.

Majewski had fallen for Chris Paciello, a member of the Bonanno crime family and The Untouchables, Ray Merolle’s notorious car-theft operation. Chris is said to have become abusive, so Majewski sought the protection of Merolle, making her his personal property and an accomplice to theft. When the two split, Love remained in Staten Island while Paciello was later arrested for allegedly murdering a porn king’s wife in Miami.

Mob Wives cast member Love Majewski

Here’s an interview with Love Majewski at the premiere of I Married a Mobster via Shifted2U:

In the clip Love reveals that she grew up Latino, Polish and Puerto Rican. She was taken in by all the trappings of the men from the “family” and sees her own life as a cautionary tale. She gave up on her dreams to follow the unlawful machinations of The Untouchables and when Paciello got into trouble she was right there with him.

She wants young teenage girls to know that this shortcut lifestyle doesn’t pay and then she referenced A Bronx Tale starring Robert DeNiro. She emphasizes that a real man that will be there for you and follow your dreams is the guy who gets up and scrapes by and works hard to move ahead the right way. She added on a side note that she used to date one of the film’s stars, Lillo Brancato.

Her mother was a very religious, strong-willed and independent Latino woman. Like many of us after our teenage years, she wishes she would have listened to the sage advice of her mom.

Majewski goes on to promote her new professional venture which is a cosmetics line called Veritas Cosmetics. She runs a blog based on her experiences in the field which you can check out here. Also, you can keep up with the latest Love happenings via her Twitter account here.

The premiere for Season 3 of Mob Wives comes your way on Sunday, January, 6th at 8/7C.

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