Listen to Mindy McCready’s last recorded song “I’ll See You Yesterday”


Before country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide and shot her dog yesterday she made it clear that she wanted the world to hear her last song “I’ll See You Yesterday.”

She worked with her friend Danno Hank, a private investigator, to make sure the video project below was put together to help people who may be dealing with suicide.

Hank told E News: “She said she wanted to put together this video to help people deal when someone had suffered a suicide in their life and God, she was literally having me write her suicide note. If I had known, I would have made sure someone was there with her all the time. She told me about this new song she was excited about called ‘I’ll See You Yesterday.’ Normally she would write her own songs, but a fan of hers had given it to her and asked if she would like to record it. She gave me a copy of it and it really looked like things were on the upswing for her.”

It was intended to be a video to help prevent suicide, but looking back Hanks sees that she was rushing to get everything in place for the song so there would be no copyright issues, which may suggest she’s been planning her suicide for a while.

“The strange thing about it in hind sight, looking back she is feeding me this stuff for the video she said, ‘I have someone working on getting all the rights in place it will be licensed for Courtney to get the royalties,’ and I was like, ‘Hey what is the big deal?’ But now I understand she wanted to make sure it got out there and there was no copyright problems for it being up there.”

The song was written by Courtney Dashe and produced by David Wilson, but it seems to speak directly to Mindy’s personal pain. It’s haunting and heartbreaking to listen to.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I was a your sunshine, and now I’m just a shade
I was your blue sky, and now I’m just the rain
I was your favorite song, and now I’ll all the pain

And if tomorrow’s gonna be the same,
I’ll see you yesterday

Let’s get lost in our memories
That’s the safest place we can be

If this is the end of our story
I don’t want to read it

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