LINKS Orange Is The New Hacked, Fyre Festival fallout, EPA 411 MIA…

OITNB Pennsatucky hands Hold Up!

UPROXXSome Hackers Are Blackmailing Netflix By Threatening To Release Orange Is The New Black Early

DLISTEDOpen Post: Hosted By Channing Tatum Giving Other Celebrities Stripper Names

REALITY TEARHOP‘s Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Compares Ashley Darby To A Messy Teenager

CELEBITCHYThe Fyre Festival turned out to be an epic, rich-millennial disaster/scam

JEZEBELThe EPA Removed Climate Change Data From Its Website Just Ahead of Massive Climate Marches

THE BLEMISHBella Hadid Sorry That You Wasted Your Money on the Fyre Festival

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