LINKS Lil Tay exposé, Jenelle almost kidnapped, 16 & Pregnant wedding…

Lil Tay money phone

JEZEBELI Drove Myself Nuts Trying to Unravel the Mystery of Seemingly Unparented 9-Year-Old Instagram Sh!t-Talker Lil Tay

DLISTEDPrince Louis Made His Instagram Debut

REALITY TEANeNe Leakes Wants To Open Her Own Dollar Store

CELEBITCHYDJ Khaled refuses to go down on his wife because “it’s different rules for men”

THE BLEMISHTurns Out Creeping on Michael B. Jordan Works

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFormer 16 and Pregnant Star Kayla Jordan Gets Married: See Photos!

THE GRACE REPORTDavid Eason Claims Road Rage Victim was Trying to KIDNAP Jenelle Evans

Links compiled by writer and editor Asa Hawks

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