Lindsay Lohan Will Keep Partying, Even If It Kills Her

Lindsay Lohan is the Highlander of bad girl celebs. You can try to knock her down, but she continues to live, baffling everyone around her. She’s second only to Mischa Barton in club girl longevity.

Unfortunately, it looks like Lindsay may be using again. One of her friends told TMZ that If she doesn’t get help soon, she’s going to die.” At a party recently, Lindsay fell into a cactus, which she blamed on the paparazzi that won’t leave her alone. More alarmingly, Lindsay left a friend’s house last night and had white powder all over her shoes. I’ve heard of storing money in your shoes, but coke? Things are getting desperate.

This is yet another embarassing story to come out about the actress.Last week the dirt was Lindsay’s denied entrance to the Victoria’s Secret party in L.A. Thurday night. An onlooker told Radar Online that the bouncer didn’t even give Linds a chance to talk her way in:

“As soon as she strolled up to the door, the rope was quickly pulled in front of her… “She tried to pass the big bodyguard but he blocked her way.”

Lindsay being denied at a party even Russell Brandt could get into? Ouch! An anonymous source says it was just a “misunderstanding” but when you’ve got this many burnt bridges, it’s possible the party organizers just didn’t want the headache. Not to worry, Lindsay was spotted at Perez Hilton’s party the next night and even sang a song to the notorious blogger.

Image: Fame Pictures