LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Shavel Moore’s book Jail Lies & community giveaway details

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Shavel Moore book Jail Lies

Love After Lockup star Shavel Moore is following in the footsteps of her Life After Lockup co-star Brittany Santiago by publishing her own book! Unlike Brittany’s autobiography, Shavel’s book, Jail Lies, is more of a guidebook than a memoir.

“My book is about jail lies. It talks about sweet talkin’ [and] manipulation,” Shavel said during a recent appearance on Hot 103 Jamz’s The Morning Grind With Shay & Shyne. “It’s gonna help women if they’re talking to somebody incarcerated or about to,” Shavel added. “It’s basically giving them steps on what to prepare they selves for when they talking to a man or a woman in jail.”

Jail Lies is set to be released on March 13, and Shavel will be doing a book signing that day to celebrate. The “Book Release Celebration” and book signing will be at the Life Changers Christian Center in Kansas City, KS from 3-6PM. “Meet me at this location,” Shavel captioned a promotional poster for the event on Instagram. “I’m excited too see everyone March 13th…Please come with a mask & great spirits 😷”

The book is currently available for pre-order, and Shavel is also offering Jail Lies mugs and tshirts. Here’s the scoop on how to pre-order your copy and/or merch from Shavel:

Pre orders starts March 4th thru March 10th

Book: $25 + 7.75 shipping
Tshirt : $23 + 7.75 shipping
Mug : $15 + 8. 45 shipping

( Promo deal )
Book, tshirt , Mug $55+ 14.95 shipping

Ordering instructions: cash app payment to $jaillies (Shavel Moore )
Email a screen shot of cash app payment confirmation, cash app name , first and last name, complete address and contact phone number to if you have PayPal send to this ♥️

Just prior to the book signing, Shavel will be participating in a community giveaway for caretakers of children with incarcerated parents. The 3rd annual event is currently registering up to 50 families who will receive gifts with items like laundry detergent, food, bibles and school supplies.

To promote this event, as well as her book release, the very busy Shavel made an appearance on the Jaws of Justice Radio Show on KKFI. (The episode description and host mention “Shavel Moore Ministries,” so I’m guessing Shavel has some sort of non-profit set up?)

Show host Terri Wilke asked Shavel what inspired her to write Jail Lies, and here is Shavel’s response:

It was an experience that I went through. You need to understand, people get the statement of men that’s incarcerated, that’s been in jail for a long time — for five years, ten years, twelve years, right? So you gotta get the different view of somebody that’s never dated somebody in prison. What about us? What about how we feel? And what about our experience, and our time, and everything that we put effort in. What about that? Do we get credit for that as well? I mean, I know — and I’m not taking anything from the men or the women that’s been incarcerated, but you also have to give the other significant other one or a person that you’re talking to, you know, you have to give them credit for the experience because it’s not for somebody that — it’s not built for people that can’t do it, it’s built for the strong ones — to talk with somebody in prison.

Shavel revealed in the interview that the book took her about a month to write, then another couple months to edit and revise.

Congratulations to Shavel on her book! Her resume is getting rather impressive given that it already includes rapper, actress, and movie producer!

There’s no word if Shavel’s prison boo Quaylon will be releasing a book of his own. If he does, I’d like to suggest the title 12 Yurrs of Solitude. 😉

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