LeAnn Rimes addresses her affair with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes appears on 'Katie' for her interview with Katie Couric

LeAnn Rimes is currently happily married to Eddie Cibrian but it didn’t come easy. The country star and her actor beau met on the set of Northern Lights when she was married to Dean Sheremet and he was married to Brandi Glanville, but that didn’t stop a romance from forming and when tabloids got word of it, they ran wild. LeAnn was labeled a “home wrecker” and many fans turned on her.

Now, three years after they first met, not much has changed. LeAnn, who is fresh out of rehab for emotional issues, is still receiving plenty of hate mail and dealing with the fallout from her affair with Eddie. In a new interview with Katie Couric, LeAnn is opening up about what she did and how it still haunts her.

LeAnn Rimes appears on 'Katie' for her Katie Couric interview

“The way you and Eddie [Cibrian] got together…you were married at the time, he was married at the time. And there were a lot of people out there who were not exactly wishing you well,” Katie says to LeAnn.

“I wasn’t sure if I was wishing myself well at the time,” LeAnn admits. “It was very, very difficult. Um…I wouldn’t wish it on anyone…especially in the public eye to go through all of it.” While LeAnn admits that she was at fault in the whole thing, she also points out that she isn’t the first person to cheat.

“I made my choices, you know? I made my choices and I’m living with them. And I also have learned from them and I’ve talked about this so much. But I know that…I’m not the only person that goes through this. There’s so many that do.”

LeAnn’s interview with Katie Couric airs later this afternoon on Katie.