Lara Bingle bikini photos from 2010 Speedo Swimwear shoot in Sydney

Lara Bingle bikini photo

The Southern Hemisphere comes through again! Thanks to our lovely friends south of the equator we get to combine the joys of the Christmas holidays with an attractive 95% naked woman frolicking about on the beach! Our virtual stockings get stuffed today by lovely Australian blonde Lara Bingle, who models a number of different bikinis during a photoshoot for the 2010 line of Speedo swimwear on Tamarama Beach in Sydney on December 15 and 16, 2009.

Lara Bingle models a sexy red swimsuit

Click thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery:

Everybody sing along…

Bingle Bells
Bingle Bells
Bingle all the way

Oh what fun
it is to watch
a girl in a bikini play

In case you’re one of those intellectual researcher types who can’t stand being forced to look at anonymous hot bodies in bikinis, Lara’s claim to fame is her appearance in the controversial $180 million Australian Tourism Board ad campaign appropriately called “Where the Bloody ‘ell Are You?” Lara is the bikini clad hottie that emerges from the ocean and delivers the money line at the end.

Apparently this ad was banned in the UK – I’m not sure if it’s because of the “foul” language or because their tourism ads really really suck.

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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