Lady Gaga’s seen making out with Taylor Kinney, is he her new boyfriend?

25-year-old Lady Gaga (a.k.a. Stefani Germanotta) was reportedly spotted in civilian clothes (even more regular than these recent forays into layman’s cloth) snogging on 30-year-old Taylor Kinney, who’s not very famous and seems to wear normal people clothes, but has appeared in seven episodes of Vampire Diaries, and plays Gaga’s love interest in her “You & I” music video.

They were seen together for three consecutive days, according to Radar Online. Sunday they downed Johnny Walker black together at a beach-side bar The Sneak Joint in Mission Viejo, California, where Kinney lives. According to an eye witness, they were making out at the bar, and everyone thought they were regular ol’ nonfamous people until somebody recognized Gaga. She reportedly was very sweet and signed autographs.

Monday morning someone witnessed them walking down Mission Boulevard holding hands, and Tuesday the were spotted at the beach.

Looks like Lady Gaga might be having a Hallmark romance with a regular guy. Before Kinney got a shot at acting in 2006’s Fashion House (a television show that reportedly existed) he was studying business management. Good for Gaga!

Kinney definitely seems to be a far cry from Luc Carl, who cultivated some sort of metal-inspired image to promote himself, and his still-to-be-released book of dubious wisdom called The Drunk Diet. Gaga hinted to the media this May that she and Luc had parted ways.

Interestingly enough, Gaga wrote “You & I” about Luc Carl, and met new beau Taylor Kinney on the set of the “You & I” music video.

Here’s the “You & I” video:

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