Lady Gaga gets a custom gold-plated wheelchair “throne”


Lady Gaga underwent hip surgery last month, and will not be satisfied with ordinary wheel chairs to help her get around.

Gaga’s stylist commissioned the leather and gold rolling throne from designer Ken Borochov of luxury jewelry company Mordekai with only a week’s notice. Borochov told The Daily Beast, “It was a huge undertaking. It was made all over the United States. My assistant had to run around everywhere.”

The chair is worth $2,600, is plated in 1.5 ounces of 24-karat gold, has a removable canopy to keep Gaga out of the sun, and has a tufted leather seat.

Borochov said he wanted the chair to resemble a throne fit for a pop queen.

The chair isn’t automatic, so Gaga will have to manually power it (or, be pushed.) She hasn’t been out and about with the chair yet, but she did pose in her new throne for photographer Terry Richardson.


Gaga even christened her first chair with the name “Emma,” I wonder what she’s naming her new gilded chair?

Photos: Mordekai, Terry Richardson

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