Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard made a baby!

Kristen Bell, star of House of Lies (and for being obsessed with sloths,) is pregnant with her first child and it’s all fiancée Dax Shepard’s fault!

The couple shared the good news with People. Actually it was their rep but you know what I mean. A friend of the parents-to-be stated:

“They’re so excited — they’re both ecstatic. They can’t wait to become parents. Kristen had a little bit of morning sickness early on but she just started shooting the second season of House of Lies and is feeling great now.”

The couple had previously hinted that kids were in their future while promoting the film Hit and Run but they’re waiting for same-sex marriage to be legalized in California before tying the knot.

Congrats to Dax and Kristen and to me for having an excuse to repost Bell totally freaking out over a sloth.

Now that I think of it Dax has one of my fav random YouTube clips too from the film Idiocracy. I love these guys! Warning – serious abuse of the baby makers.

The couple began dating back in 2007. So far no news on the baby’s sex or name.

Photo: FayesVision/