Kimberley Vlaeminck To “Star” In A Movie!

Starcasm’s biggest fan Kimberley Vlaeminck is gonna be a movie star!

Say hello to muh lil frinn!

Kimberley Vlaeminck in Starface

As it turns out, Kimberley isn’t new to the video medium:

Her fame is spreading like wildfire! If you want to be as startrulescent as Kimberley, it’s not as painful as you might think! Check out the Kimberlizer!

If you’re lookin’ for a serious starbuzzkill, check out the Dutch web site Geenstijl, which claims the entire thing is a hoax 🙁 Say it isn’t so, Kim!

CLICK HERE for Kimberly’s theme song, more photos, info on her lawsuit and a photo of the tattoo Michelangelo who “painted” this masterpiece!

(The interwebs can’t seem to decide how to spell Kimberley’s last name – some spell it Vlaeminck and some leave off the “e” and spell it Vlaminck. My Kimberley Vlaeminck intro post was e-less so I decided to got the other route on this one)

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