Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler at “the Ugly Truth” Premiere [PICS]


Britney, is that you?

Katherine Heigl showed up for the Ugly Truth premier after dying her hair “Britney-brown” perfecting the “Britney crazy eye.” I think I can smell Cheetos on her breath from here and her eyes say that she smoked a few hundred bowls and had 50 lines of Adderall before she arrived at the shindig.


The premise of The Ugly Truth is all in the movie poster: Women love with their heads and men love with their crotch area. Also, people tend to love other people who are unavailable. Katherine Heigl plays Abby, TV show producer who goes through a number of tests about gender stereotypes with her chauvinistic correspondent named Mike, played by Gerard Butler. Somehow through all this Abbyfinds a guy she likes and Mike finds out that he’s really in lurve with her. Will they get together in the end??????

Possibly not, because from the looks of her eyes Abby found true love with a Wii, so Mike’s Wii never got any action.

If I tried to list all the people in this movie my fingers would fall off, but you can see most of them below along with Jewel, Anna Farris, Serena Williams, Venus Williams and others.

All photos by Juan Rico/Fame Pictures


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