Joe Giudice lost his license and got fined $10,000 in court case involving driver’s license fraud

Joe G Main

As if Joe Giudice didn’t have enough red marks against him, he can now add another hefty fine and the loss of his driver’s license to his rap sheet.

Yesterday, Joe was in court once again as a follow-up to pleading guilty to driver’s license fraud when he attempted to obtain a new license with his brother’s information. The judge wasn’t shy about his disapproval of Joe’s apparent lack of respect for the legal system. He showed no mercy and Joe was hit with the maximum fine of $10,000 and lost his driver’s license for two years.

Joe’s driving record is so bad that he has 39 license suspensions. As a result, the judge “came close” to rejecting the plea deal altogether.

According to, the father-of-four approached the judge to ask him if he was allowed to drive his daughters down the driveway to catch the school bus.

Judge: I don’t know how long your driveway is …

Giudice : It’s long.

Judge: I can’t have you driving a vehicle. Walk with them down the road.

The judge allowed Joe to drive himself home from court but was clear he would be in jail immediately if he was caught driving with the suspended license.

If you so much as back down your driveway … that will constitute a violation of the conditions of your release, of your bail, and it will result in you being remanded immediately to Passaic County Jail

Despite the recent magazine cover the Giudice’s landed, Joe’s lawyer claimed that the reality star is “destitute” and will be unable to pay the fine. The $10,000 fine is in addition to the over $400,000 of restitution the couple was ordered to pay last year.

Without a driver’s license, how will Joe be able to take care of his children? How he take then to visit their mom in jail? How will he be able to work in order to support his family and pay off his huge fines? According to Joe’s lawyer, he’s working on arrangements for relatives, co-workers and others to chauffeur him and his daughters around.