Do Teresa and Joe Giudice physically abuse each other?

Teresa and husband Joe abusive?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion part 2 delved deep into whatever issues Joe and Teresa Giudice may have between them. Several uncomfortable things were caught on camera, including Gia questioning her dad about him spending time with girls, he misplaced his wallet in a woman’s car, and daughter Milania says on camera that Joe has his own room. Not only that, but while the whole group was on a vacation in Napa Valley, Joe was heard calling Teresa a c*** to someone on his cell phone.

During the reunion Joe told Andy that the person he was talking to was an old friend named Albie, and the reason that he made it sound like he was talking another language at one point was because his friend Albie needed help with his Spanish delivery guy.

At the reunion Jacqueline said that she knew that Joe called Teresa names, and then later exploded (after Joe Giudice that it didn’t matter whether or not Jacqueline’s husband had cheated on her) with more claims about Joe and Teresa’s relationship:

“Now that we’re being honest, he calls her those names all the time. And she calls him, and they punch each other. You guys get into some pretty bad.”

Jacqueline also again addressed her claim that Teresa told her that Joe cheated on her multiple times, and she even caught him.

“You told me that your husband cheated on you several times: you caught him with the secretary, the babysitter. You walked in on your husband when he had someone on the desk in his office.”

What do you think? Is Jacqueline telling the truth about the abuse and the cheating?