Jens Voigt Crash Videos From Stage 16 Of The Tour de France – The Top Three

Jens Voigt crash photo

Here are the best of the best Jens Voigt crash videos I could find. The first is the best video quality, the second takes home the prize for best audio, and the third wins for most gruesome.

During the 16th stage of the Tour de France, German cyclist Jens Voigt crashed and temporarily lost consciousness before being revived and taken to the hospital by ambulance. The 37-year old cycles for Saxo Bank along with 34-year-old Kurt-Asle Arvesen, who is also out of the race after crashing while trying to avoid hitting a spectator.

“He lost consciousness for three to four minutes. He has injuries mainly to his face and when he gets to hospital in Grenoble he will be having a full scan,” says Gerard Porte, official doctor for the Tour de France.

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