Jenna Bush Hager admits to “hanky-panky” on White House roof

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Miss Lewinsky’s dress is old news.

Jenna Bush Hager, President George W. Bush’s youngest child, raised eyebrows and forced chortles this week, after admitting to some “hanky panky” during her father’s time in office.

Specifically, to some forbidden rooftop bliss.

While a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live!, the 33-year-old fielded a phone call asking if she’d ever fooled around in the White House.

Bush Hager’s answer was equal parts withholding and coy:



It’s the true politician’s daughter who’ll quickly point out that she’s been with her current husband since coming to Washington. And that he is, in her eyes, a “dream boat.”

(Also, Helena Andrews at the Washington Post is quick to point out Bush Hager’s rather anachronistic use of the phrase “hanky-panky.”)

After this innuendo blew–ahem–up, Bush Hager knew she needed to say more. So she called into the Today show this morning to set the record straight:

“My husband and I did have our first kiss on the White House roof,” she explained. “It’s not that the Fifty Shades of Grey [thing] people want it to be. Pretty innocent, but really lovely.”

A little too innocent, really. It all begs the question: How easy is it to get up on the White House roof? And how did she and Henry escape detection while up there? This story is far from over: We all need to dig deeper and get the really important answers.

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