Jenelle Evans responds to TMZ bikini ‘n’ beer photos

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans bikini photo

Never one to back down from a fight (literally), Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans fired back at TMZ after they posted photos of her in a bikini sun bathing alongside numerous beer cans. The proximity to booze wasn’t just news because Jenelle is underage, but also because she was placed on one year of probation last week for a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia – and from all accounts (including a tearful Jenelle talking about the ruling caught on video) they are going to be very unforgiving about the terms of probation, including not being near alcohol.

Jenelle started off with a complaint about the paparazzi and how quickly the photos were posted on TMZ:

BULLsh!t.. this was JUST YESTERDAY.. no matter where i go my pic is being taken dude :/

(It should be noted she included a link to the article)

A couple comments followed stating, “Yu chose to put your life on TV” and then ” IDK what the fuss is about? Looks to me like you’re laying on a beach?” to which Jenelle responded:

yeah but i have people stalking me and people coming to my door step 10 times a [day]

There was a lot of “discussion” after that (haters gonna hate, right?) including mention of Jenelle’s friends being a bad environment for Jace to which Jenelle responded:

i was with other friends at the beach me and kieffer took a break from each other for a while. im not allowed to be with him while im on probation anyways… and why would i have jace at the beach around people drinking? thats stupid… no im not a celebrity im JUST JENELLE in my eyes. im not a STAR either.. im a HUMAN BEING people… remember? everyone is, lol. just like every other “celebrity”

It really appeared as though Jenelle was deeply impacted by the court ruling when she began crying over the fact that just being in the same house as alcohol would mean she has to go to jail, but she seems to have been victimized once again by her short-term memory. And speaking of probation and Jenelle’s short-term memory it sounds as though the meeting with her probation officer didn’t go well at all:

omg lost my iphone. so upset and my probation meeting didnt go good at all. cannot stop crying. :'[

She posted that on Tuesday and then two days later was hanging out with bud and Buds at the beach? Oh, and she lost her iPhone?!? Lord only knows what that means! My guess is we will be receiving emails soon from someone with nude photos of Jenelle – or dare I say it… a Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp sex tape! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I really enjoy the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom shows and try to show all the girls support on this site, but as soon as I start to get a little optimistic about Jenelle actually making some positive changes in her life it only takes a couple days for her to show she’s still the same. Hey Dr. Drew, why don’t you move out to North Carolina for a few months?

UPDATE – I gotta hand it to Jenelle, she doesn’t let anything go by without putting her two cents in, and apparently starcasm is no exception. She called me out on my “sex tape” and “nude photos” comments on Facebook:

hey starcasm.. my iphone had a CODE on it.. and i would never take nude pics of myself on my phone anyways and no ive never made any sort of sex tape in my life, im not stupid lmfao