January Jones likes Chili’s, beer, football, fire, and beer, but not Ashton Kutcher


When January Jones sat down with GQ’s Mark Kirby she wanted to come off as the anti-Betty Draper, man’s woman who likes her football, beer, and Chili’s queso. She downed at least five rounds of Bud Light during the interview at a mid-western Chili’s while boasting about her beer pong skills and downing 26 beers in one night as a teen. Near the end of January’s beer and queso Chili’s party, she “picked up the digital recorder and announced: ‘Dear men of America, I like beer, I like football. I’m probably the most interesting girl you’ll ever meet.'”

January, who was named after a character in the Jacqeuline Susann’s Once Is Not Enough, is also fond of fire. She likes to party at other people’s houses and convince them to build a fire. What she doesn’t like, however, is former boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, who once told her “I don’t think you’re going to be good at this.”

Kutcher’s probably eating his words now that his ex is nailing a critically acclaimed and popular role on an Emmy-dominating television show, and he’s stuck in a revolving door of immature movies like What Happens in Vegas.

Two other photos from her GQ shoot below, where she looks like she’s phoning it in. The dead body one looks particularly uninspired, but the light’s doing nice things in the bottom pic, where her boobs are enhanced by Dolce and Gabana instead of Photoshop.View more kind of bored underwear pics at GQ.

Photos by Terry Richardson, GQ