Is there a Jennifer Lopez sex tape? First husband threatens leak of honeymoon footage from 1997

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It looks like the rumors of a Jennifer Lopez sex tape might be true–and there might be visual confirmation before too long. Ojani Noa, Lopez’s first husband, is threatening to release a tape he and Lopez filmed while on their honeymoon in 1997. And, legally, there might be nothing Lopez can do to stop the tape’s release.

Lopez and Noa were married for eleven months, from February of 1997 to January of 1998. Since their divorce, Lopez has sued him on several occasions, perhaps most notably to block publication of a tell-all book in 2006. That lawsuit prohibited Noa from “criticizing, denigrating, casting in a negative light or otherwise disparaging” Jennifer Lopez, and kept Noa’s book from being published in any form.

The legal difficulty with the alleged Jennifer Lopez sex tape–and there have been a number of lawsuits regarding the tape for several years–is that, six years ago, Lopez withdrew her claim to the tape when the initial Jennifer Lopez sex tape lawsuit was in arbitration.

It’s not immediately clear whether the judge’s ruling that prohibits Noa from “casting [Lopez] in a negative light” would apply in this situation. The case is still being argued, but Noa’s “business partner,” a man named Ed Meyer, says he and Noa “are going to produce a DVD and also have a streaming release of the J.Lo home video footage.” Allegedly, Meyer and Noa are trying to strike a deal with one of the “big porn companies.”

What does the Jennifer Lopez sex tape footage contain? According to Meyer, it’s a “revealing video of her with a lack of clothing and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel footage from the honeymoon.” Perhaps most damaging to Lopez, though, is the allegation that there is also sensitive family footage, including a scene where Lopez fights with her mother.


(Photo credits: Jennifer Lopez via Instagram)

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