Is the “Seriously McDonalds” photo fake? Is McDonald’s really racist, taxing black people?

Seriously mcDonalds Twitter African American tax

There’s a phrase trending on Twitter right now “Seriously McDonalds” linked to the offensive photo above, which looks like it’s from the fast food chain’s corporate office. It looks like a memo informing workers of a new policy: charging African Americans an extra $1.50 per transaction. Seriously, McDonald’s?

If this is for real, McDonald’s needs to just go ahead and close up shop, because it’s all over now.

But this a fake. It’s faker than Posh Spice’s rack. In case you don’t believe McDonald’s tweet that it’s a hoax, and you think this major corporation would act in such a ridiculously racist manner, here’s the kicker: the 800-number listed on the sign is a KFC customer service number. Whoever started this hoax must have included that as a safety out.

UPDATE: It looks like this pic has been on the interwebs for some time, and originated at 4chan sometime last year or before.