Is Jon Gosselin Engaged? Jon speaks out about Hailey Glassman


img_cover_largeAlthough an “insider” reportedly told InTouch Weekly that Jon Gosselin became engaged to wild child girlfirend Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin returned home from France alone. Furthermore, other “sources” told Us Weekly that the engagement rumors were “100% false.”

The young party girl, who’s a lover of plants ranging from pot to potted trees, supposedly recieved an $180,000 Edouard Nahum-designed skull-shaped engagement ring from the octo-dad on their recent vacay.

But, despite the fact that Hailey looks like a perfect accesory for Jon’s new douchey style and attitude (Diamond studs? check. Lame tattoo art T-shirt? check. Fathering 8 kids then running off to party in France with a woman 10 years younger? Check. Talking trash about starting a kids clothing line  and using your kids as models with the douchey designer of your new vingerary-smelling wardrobe? Check.), the pair did not return to the states together. When a paparazzo asked if Hailey “ditched him in Nice,” Jon replied “probably.” I just picture Jon’s red-eyed glassy stare as graced the paparazzi with his signature shrug and trudged off to “work” (a.k.a. spend time with his kids in front of T.V. cameras).