Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery: Before and After photos


Bruce Jenner, gold medal winner of the 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon, recently got more plastic surgery to correct some less-than-stellar surgery from 25 years ago, and honestly the results don’t look much different.

Jenner, 58, is now best known for being the stepdad of the zaftig-bootylicious Kim Kardashian and her siblings on “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” and his new face was showcased on the season finale this May. He has faced windstorms of media scrutiny and scorn for the botched face lift and nose job he says he got because he was “was just going through a bad time.” After his second divorce left him broke and living in shabby living quarters, Jenner apparently turned to the knife to alleviate some of the stress and disappointments in his life. Unfortunately, that move only brought Jenner more pain.

After getting the support from his family, Jenner decided it was time to go back under the knife to correct some of the issues that made some claim he looked “not quite human.” Mostly the problem involved his too-small nose and face that looked pulled tight in all the wrong placed. His newest new face actually does look more like pictures of Bruce when he was young, and although his nose still looks a little narrow, it looks like Bruce picked a better surgeon this time around.

Below is a photo montage of Bruce’s many faces.


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