Hunter shoots deer with crossbow; deer retaliates

Deer 480
A 72-year-old Wisconsin man is safe in the hospital after an unexpected deer attack left him injured and surprised.

The Fond du Lac-based man, whose name has not been released for reasons of humility, was hunting deer out there on the Peebles Trail near Taycheedah. He’d shot a doe with an arrow from his trusty crossbow and was tracking it through the thick Wisconsin brush when the doe doubled back up on him, shot forth from the woods, and smashed its horn-less head into his leg, injuring him before running off.

Said Fond du Lac Sheriff’s Officer Jeff Bonack, “I’m guessing the deer got away.”

The call for an ambulance came at 7:30 PM, well after nightfall in that part of the country. It’s not known how the unnamed hunter dragged himself to safety on an injured leg. Officers speculate we’ll get the rest of the details when the injured hunter has gotten enough over his embarrassment to tell the rest of the tale.

By the by: Fond du Lac is about an hour north of Port Washington, where Screech vacations.

Reports that the deer mistook the hunter for Louis CK could not be confirmed.

(Photo credits: Public domain; Wikipedia)

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