Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June issues statement on Sugar Bear’s ATV accident and injury

Sugar Bear Mike Thompson from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

As was widely reported online, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo patriarch Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson was taken to a Macon, Georgia hospital over the weekend with complications stemming from an injury sustained in a four-wheeler accident a couple weeks ago. There was very little information about why Sugar Bear needed to be hospitalized, but “Mama” June Shannon took to the Honey Boo Boo Facebook fan page earlier today to let fans know what happened:

sorry I have updated in a few days sorry we have been very busy had the media junket yesterday and as alot of u know sugarbear has had a 4 wheeler wreck while we was out mud bogging 2 wks ago today it was his leg it was just badly bruised and then for the last wk it git infected we was doing alot of antibiotics and daily trips to doc then yesterday the doc put him in the hospital to get iv antibiotics and in the am we will have a mri and a small surgery maybe nothing major thank god cause he is a diabetic I will answer private messages when I can bobbie our family friend that helps with the page will answer what she can and I get back to yall thanks again for the support …

So it sounds as though Sugar Bear got a bad infection from his leg injury and needed intravenous antibiotics to combat it. He may need a “small” surgery.

We wish Sugar Bear and the entire Honey Boo Boo family the best and hope everybody’s favorite smexy baby daddy is back up on his feet and running around soon! In other words, Sugar Bear had better redneckuperate!

Get Well Soon card for Sugar Bear from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

UPDATE (September 17) – Another statement from June:

oh k I finally have to time to update on sugarbear we done a mri this am and still no results they r SO slow seen the wound care nurse she is very pleased that the iv antibiotics have worked so good and now waiting on results so they can get together a make a decision on how to take care of the wound so they can get all the infected nasty blood where it was bruised at out that draining which is a good thing its draining but they said nothing bad though so that great he is ready to go home so hopefully by Thursday … thanks for the well wishes for sugarbear

UPDATE (September 18) – And another:

Well its been a crazy day sugarbear has to have surgery at 12:10 tomorrow to clean the infection out of his leg then we have to stay till next Wednesday to make everything is going good ..but as a sit here I feel so good and I’m thinking bout a sweet young man named Austin he is in the children hospital he is 21 he has Been through a lot of surgeries over 60 of them and is also going into surgery tomorrow he loves our show and he was down he may not b able to see our show so his family and nurses thought it would b nice 4 us to meet him so we did it no doubt about it him and his family was super great I just want to say thanks to the family for letting us into our lifes at this difficult time …and good luck tomorrow Austin and hope things go great we will thinking about u these type of stories and things we do is what touch our hearts the most …

Hey everyone here is Austin’s page, the young man we told about earlier that we had the pleasure of meeting him & his family at the Children’s Hospital. He’s having another surgery tomorrow & is a big fan of ours and we want to send him love, prayers & support! He’s been thru so much! Please show your support to Austin & his family. Thanks ~ https://m.facebook.com/groups/134792256537587

UPDATE (September 19)

well we r down here already for sugarbear he will b back there for a lil bit and he is very nervous cause these will b his first ever surgery and im also thinking about austin and his family as he also is having surgery today hopefully both of them have good surgeries…

just wanted to update sugarbears surgery went great they got all the infection out they had to go down about a cm so not far we r back in the room hanging out and he is being goofy coming off the sedation lol and we will b here til monday or tuesday next wk and just hope austin childers surgery today went just as well

We’ve continued the updates with a new post, complete with a photo of Alana and Sugar Bear hanging out in the hospital watching Sponge Bob! (Just click the link)