Gwyneth Paltrow returns fire at Martha Stewart… With a dessert recipe!

Who knew battle involving desserts could be anything but sweet?

Last month, Martha Stewart seemed to troll frenemy Gwyneth Paltrow by with a magazine feature called “Conscious Coupling.” It was about “the perfect marriage of crust and filling.” Now, it seems Gwyneth has responded on her own lifestyle website, Goop

Jailbird Cake - Goop

The “Jailbird Cake” recipe features thin chocolate wafers turned sideway between layers of whipped cream — making it look like the bars of a jail cell. In light of Martha’s spread, Gwyneth’s cake seems to be a reference to the five months Martha spent in prison for felony charges of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators.

The women’s passive-aggressive fighting really started earlier this fall when Martha said Gwyneth “just needs to be quiet” and stick to acting. Gwyneth responded by saying she was just “so psyched that she sees [Goop] as competition.” Personally, I think this round goes to Martha, who actually came up with legitimately appealing pie recipes rather than a “cake” of whipped cream.

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